Hey readers,

I’m currently aspiring to be a journalist, and I think it’s for a few reasons:

Firstly, I am a bit of paranoid person when it comes to information. It may be do to my teenage rebellious nature, but I don’t particularly trust where I get my information from, so I want to be the one getting the facts so I know for sure.

Secondly I am interested in the power of the media to expose powerful people and corporations doing wrong and bringing them to justice.

I am also very into music and would love to be a music journalist to learn more about the artists I love and turn what I already do so much (spend hours looking up bands and listening to them) and make a living off of it and bring my knowledge to a wide audience. This job would also probably grant me the ability to travel like other reporting jobs. Needless to say I think this mix of curiosity and passion would fit well as I would give 120% just out of personal interest and treat that as regular because I’d want to know the whole story myself before I even begin summing it up for others.

I think what attracts me to journalism is that I love to learn new things and journalism is all about learning new things and talking about them or using this new skill to communicate about something.

I think I’ve chosen a path that suits me well.


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