Band of the Week: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This week I bring you the danish jazz/pop/electronic/funk/many other genres band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. You may recognize them from the recent Heineken ads (song below) or even possibly an older Ipod Touch ad (song coming soon). Their main writing force is Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen who hail from Copenhagen. They got their start opening for Amy Winehouse on a European tour.

Their debut album Fruit was full of jazzy pop songs with lots of trumpet and sax on top of jazzy guitars(and a flute solo depending on which version you have). The sound on this album is hard to describe as besides the brass it changes a lot on this album. The other stand out feature here is Mette’s vocal’s which start in a register that  most are not used to as its so high and has such a particular timbre. From her sweet high pitches, sassy low ends and shrill shrieking she really covers her high range amazingly and makes the band stick out just as much as the brass section.

Their sophomore album Out of Frequency was a departure for them. Focusing a lot more on electronic sounds it has an incredible range in sounds that you probably haven’t heard before. Besides the heavier focus on keys, there is also quite a bit of my favourite underused instrument, the theremin, which is heard throughout the album in various places. There are still a lot of sax and trumpet, although they are used in a much different way as the sound of this album is totally different from the first yet just as hard to classify (pop, dance, tribal, electronic etc).

All in all they are a band unlike anything else out there and I’d highly recommend a listen. I’ll try to post a video each day this week to highlight their sound and talk about the time I met the band.

Today I leave you with their retro sounding song (from those Heineken ads) “The Golden Age” :



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