Band of the Week: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Pt.2

Greetings. This week I’m trying to get into the routine of getting a 5 song spread for each day of the week that I feature a band, I’ll try to keep it more consistent from here on out and am giving you 2 songs for each of the days left this week.

Today I bring you two more great songs from Asteroids Galaxy Tour. But, before I get to that I wanna talk about their live show, this band is just so fun to see on stage, Mette really just let’s loose and rocks with the crowd and seeing the band live you really understand how much instrumentation each song has (we even saw the drummer drumming with a maraca in the same hand as his stick).


Also at the time we saw the band there was a 50$ offer for a ticket, shirt, cd, EP, and a meet up with the band afterwards where we could talk and get stuff signed. It was amazing meeting these guys, and they didn’t have the bigger than you attitude a lot of musicians get once they have a hit, they were really cool to talk to and acted like dorks for a good chunk of time, they even gave us beers because and I quote “the drinking age in Denmark is like 14”. When we showed up at the meet up area Mette said “YOU’RE THE TWO DANCING BOYS!!!!”


As promised here are today’s two songs, Around The Bend:

and The Sun Ain’t Shining No More:



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