Band of the Week: Amanda Palmer


This week features New York’s strangest folk/punk/cabaret musician, the one person to make ukuleles seem cool, Amanda Palmer. Amanda has had a strange career jumping from bands such as The Dresden Dolls, Evelyn Evelyn and then onto a solo career before starting the band route again. She doesn’t have one sound, but rather several, changing from piano ballads to punky rock songs to orchestral songs, alternative rock and even spent a year or so making a name for herself mostly through playing Ukulele.

Her solo debut Who Killed Amanda Palmer showcases a lot of her talent in catchy (but serious) songs like “Oasis” where she mixes a catchy melody with the serious topic of rape and abortion, or songs like “Leeds United” where she shows she can handle an orchestral setting. There’s also the punk-epic “Guitar Hero”(below) which shows her punk edge.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about her Ukulele days and current work with The Grand Theft Orchestra. Finally back, hope that one guy in Denmark reads this!


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