Band of the Week: Amanda Palmer Pt. 2


After Who Killed Amanda Palmer, Amanda took her music in a new direction. After jokingly using a ukulele in some of her shows as a joke, she soon became quite fond of it and recorded an entire side-album of Radiohead covers with it called Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele. She also included it on several of the songs on her second solo album, Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, which she wrote while on tour in Australia. You can hear it in songs like the cheeky “Map of Tasmania” which I believe you can still download for free (or donation) of her Bandcamp site, or the self-accepting “In My Mind”(below).

In 2012 she announced she had begun working on her new album and that it was available for pre-order on the then new website, Kickstarter. This move ultimately paid off insanely well for Palmer, receiving over a million dollars in funding, one of the larger sums for musical projects through the website at the time. This funding resulted in the album now known as Theatre Is Evil,
which she recorded with her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra. The album feels like a return to the sound of Who Killed Amanda Palmer but with more lyrical and musical maturity and variety of sound, helped by the introduction of a synth and a band to fill out the sound.

Tomorrow I’ll briefly talk about her personal life, the work she’s done with her blog and a track from Theatre Is Evil.


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