Band of the Week: St. Vincent


This week’s artist is St Vincent, the musical project of Dallas musician and guitar virtuoso Annie Clark. Clark made her first big break joining The Polyphonic Spree after dropping out the Berklee College of Music, and later joined Sufjan Stevens’ touring band.  In 2011, Clark started working on her most recent release, Strange Mercy. She decided to record it in Seattle, away from her recent New York home because she decided if she was going to create and record the album right, she needed to completely isolate herself from the outside world. The result was a strangely powerful and different record. The electronic fuzz staccato of “Marrow” gives it a strange feel, almost an anti-thesis to popular music progressions. Songs like the dark and shallow, but technically impressive “Surgeon” show the dark vs catchy side Clark is known for. Last is “Cruel”(below) one of St Vincent’s catchiest songs yet, it’s chorus and riff are both beautiful and ugly at the same time, making a song to interesting to ignore.

In my next posts I’ll talk about St Vincent’s other albums as well as her recent work with David Byrne.

I leave you with “Cruel”:


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