Band of the Week: St. Vincent Pt. 3


Today I’ll briefly talk about St Vincent’s follow up to Marry Me, Actor. Clark had just returned from a long tour for Marry Me and decided to just relax for a while and watch some old children’s movies and Disney, but this resulted in a new inspiration for her follow up.  Amazingly she wrote the entire album using Garageband as she had no studio at the time and her neighbours would keep complaining about the sound. This resulted in even more horns and woodwinds on her album as well as a lot of stranger parts than on her first album. The standout tracks here are definitely “Actor Out of Work” and “Marrow” both mixing strange distorted riffs with woodwinds and choral chord builds. Although these tracks do stand out more, tracks like “Just the Same But Brand New”, “Laughing with a Mouth of Blood” and “Save Me from What I Want” are definitely also worth the listen.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about Clark’s recent work with David Byrne, as well as how to follow her work.


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