Band of the Week: Kimbra


So most people probably got there fill of one of the years most (over)played tracks, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”, but who many may have overlooked was the artist featured on that track, Kimbra. Hailing from New Zealand, she got her start in her high school jazz choir. Kimbra’s mix of pop, jazz, and soul results in music that sounds both familiar, yet very strange. Add to this her amazing vocals and range, which make her live performances just as gripping as the crisp sound of the album.

Her debut album Vows showcases her writing and singing talents amazingly. Songs like “Come Into My Head” show her range as she switches from what sounds like a female falsetto to her low end without making the song lose it’s feel. “Cameo Lover” shows her ability with electronic sounds and also the ease at which she can pull out a pop song, and the sophistication she can give it. The real stand out song would have to be “Settle Down” (below), where she uses all the instrumentation, body percussion, voice tracking she can and makes a song that sounds so interesting and natural that it pulls you in the second the verse starts, live versions of this song are amazing to watch as she takes a voice looper to create the beat and harmonies as she sings.

Next time I’ll talk more about her other songs.


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