Band of the Week: The Black Lips


This week’s artist is Atlanta garage rockers The Black Lips. Their sound ranges from punk to garage rock as well as psychedelic at times. The band’s live shows are captivating in their own right, I caught them at Osheaga last summer and the crowd was insane, the band was jumping around in toques in 30 degree weather and throwing water bottles through the crowd. The Black Lips have been around since 1999 but they didn’t really attain any large success until their fourth album in 2007 Good Bad Not Evil, arguably their biggest success. Featuring songs like “Veni Vidi Vici” with it’s psychedelic feel and catchy lyrics to songs like “Bad Kids” a song that sounds like a children’s folk jam but with mature issues (both featured in 500 Days of Summer). The album also features the song “It Feels Alright” which mixes their garage rock sound with their psychedelic sound, as well as “O Katrina” a punky song that builds to an explosive end and has one of the catchiest bass lines I’ve heard in years (briefly heard in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World).

Today I leave you with a song off their new album Arabia Mountain called “Raw Meat”, that has a clear Ramones vibe to it:


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