Band of the Week: The Kills



This week’s band is London based duo The Kills. The Kills have all the raw energy of garage rock and punk mixed with a typically lo-fi sound, and operate as a two person band live with drum machines to allow all the chemistry to be on them. The two met when singer Alison Mosshart was playing on tour in Europe and heard guitarist Jamie Hince playing music in the apartment above hers, they soon started writing together and she moved permanently to the UK.

Midnight Boom was their most successful record, with songs like the loud and fast “Sour Cherry”, the somber “Black Balloon”, the chugging seductiveness of  “U.R.A. Fever” to the addictive and witty “Cheap and Cheerful”(below). Their older songs on No Wow and Keep On Your Mean Side have a very genuine soul to them, with all the grit and raw sound one could ask for, even the slow acoustic sounding songs feel real enough to keep you interested, and are a must listen. Their new album Blood Pressures, definitely feels like an attempt to try and expand their sound while sticking to their limitations.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about their new album, Blood Pressures. I also plan to briefly talk about Star Trek: Into Darkness this week so stay tuned!!!


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