Band of the Week: The Kills Pt. 2



The Kills released their latest album Blood Pressures in 2011 three years after Midnight Boom. The long hiatus was mostly due to Alison’s departure to sing for the Dead Weather (who I’ll talk about in a future blog), one of Jack White’s spin off groups, with touring and 2 albums in a years time, Alison was busy. This hiatus and time making other music helped reinvigorate Alison’s writing, as she strongly believes it helped keep the Kills’ songs fresh and different. instead of just treading the same ground.

The album has many standout tracks, starting with “Future Starts Slow” a big sounding stadium hit, that never loses its pace. There’s also the strange distorted Reggae sound of “Satellite” but the chorus is distinctly the Kills, and “DNA” combines all of the Kills trademarks (repetitive but interesting drum lines, distinctive Jamie guitar, and lazy harmonies) to make a song that will stay with you for days. Most of the other songs on the album sound like fairly typical Kills’ songs with a faster pace and different sounds, but “Wild Charms” and “The Last Goodbye” are amazing departures for them. The two emotional piano ballads are a welcome change of pace that sound like they’ve been writing songs like this for years.

I leave you today with “Future Starts Slow”. Quick side note: despite what it looks like at the start of the video Jamie and Alison aren’t involved romantically. They have what they call “a very intense friendship” and use this with their on stage chemistry but don’t see each other that way, especially as Jamie is married to Kate Moss.


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