Band of the Week: Deap Vally


This week’s band is California rock duo Deap Vally. For fans of the White Stripes and the Black Keys they are a must hear, as they follow the gritty and heavy rock the two bands have become known for. Guitarist Lindsey Troy met drummer Julie Edwards at a crocheting class of all places and they soon bonded of their mutual love music and frustration at the difficulties of breaking through.

So far they have only released an EP (Get Deap), but their small collection doesn’t have a dull song in the bunch. “Gonna Make My Own Money” sounds like early White Stripes with more complicated drums. “Lies” has a gritty Black Keys sound to it, as well as a distinct Blood Red Shoes sound for fans of their music. “End of the World” (below) is definitely their stand out song, with heavy chugging guitar and drums, that quickly evolve into a hypnotic chorus. The first song off their upcoming LP, Sistrionix, “Baby I Call Hell” sounds like The Pack A.D. and the White Stripes wrote a song together.

Check out their Sistrionix when it comes out on June 24th.


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