Band of the Week: The Hives



This weeks band is Swedish alt-rockers, The Hives. The Hives are known for their intense live shows with members jumping off drum sets and always playing in some form of black and white suits. The band is fronted by brothers Pelle (singer) and Nicholaus Almqvist who write the majority of the music. There were rumours circulating for years that there was a 6 Hive that was behind most of the writing and thematic choices of the bands but it has been revealed to be Nicholaus. The band’s most recent album Lex Hives was released just last year with the very ELO sounding single “Go Right Ahead”.

The band’s breakout album was  2000s Veni Vidi Vicious thanks to the album’s two international hits. “Main Offender” is a high gain rock standard with Pelle’s vocal shrieking every last word of the song which some may recognize from Rockband. But the clear stand out hit on the album is “Hate to Say I Told You So”, one of the anthems of the early 2000s garage rock movement. The songs high energy, distorted sound and feel make a song one can’t help but get excited by. The song’s lyrical wit also makes it a pleasure to listen to every time.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about their 2nd and 3rd albums.

I leave you today with “Hate to Say I Told You So”:


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