Band of the Week: The Hives Pt. 2

The Hives and The Sahara Hotnights Peform Live in Chicago


In 2004 The Hives released the follow up to their hit album Veni Vidi Vicious with Tyrannosaurus Hives. The album continues the garage rock tearing they established with their earlier work but with better production value and some interesting experimentation. “Abra Cadaver” is a quick, vicious and vocally exciting song that fits more volume and excitement into a minute and a half than most songs do in four, and features some interesting effects behind the shredding guitars. The definite single on the album is “Walk Idiot Walk”, its main riff instantly catches the ear and the lyrics make for a song that builds the vocal excitement and just when it’s about to peak the guitars kick into overdrive and take over before pulling you back into another cheeky verse. 

In 2007 they released The Black and White Album, and by this point their work starts to become a little repetitive, not necessarily bad but by this album it seems that beyond the singles on each album they have become interchangeable. If you’re looking for a good collection of loud, fast, and exciting rock songs that are a little derivative of each other than this is your band, but if you’re looking for an album band rather than a live band, they may not be your favourite band. Despite this the album does have a good single. “Tick Tick Boom” proves that The Hives haven’t lost their knack at writing extremely catchy rock songs and the “too late too late” part of its bridge  becomes harder to not sing along to every time you hear it.

Below is “Walk Idiot Walk”, next week I’ll talk about one of my favourite bands off of Jack White’s Third Man Records.



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