Band of the Week: The Black Belles


Some bands have a look and some have a sound, but some bands manage to pull off both, one of these bands is Nashville group The Black Belles. The Black Belles are a goth-garage rock band on Jack White’s Third Man Records, and have managed to take their witchy looks and combine it with their dark toned yet accessible music, leaving you with a band that not only have a look but have a look that matches their sound very well. One of the first musical ventures the band did after joining TMR was playing as Stephen Colbert’s backing band on his “Charlene” songs, some people might recognize them from an episode of his show. Member’s have also appeared in Jack White’s backing band as well as other Third Man artists.

The Black Belles appeared a few years ago with the release of several singles after being picked up and guided by Jack White. The band’s first single to be pushed was “What Can I Do” (below), a song that switches between being a head banger and what sounds like a dark ritual, cementing the feel the band was going for. The B-side to this is “Lies”, a surf/rockabilly song reminiscent of the 5678’s, which is actually a cover from an obscure 60s band called the Knickerbockers, definitely worth checking out.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about their first album and recent singles.


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