Band of the Week: Haim


A lot of musicians say that their band is like their family, but Haim is one of those rare cases where your band members are actually your family members. A sister-trio from the San Fernando Valley, California, the band makes a mix of alternative, pop, and r&b that makes a style that sounds very unique, with plenty of harmonies, and their choruses are undeniably catchy. Danielle, the singer and lead guitarist had her breakthroughs in bands like Valli Girls and as a member of both Cee Lo’s and Julian Casablancas’ back-up bands. The sisters come from a musical family and all grew up playing drums, a talent they show off during most shows with 3 person percussion breaks.

On to the important part, their music. The band only has 3 singles out right now with an LP coming out later this year. Each single has its own addictive chorus and unique sound, and I recommend checking each one out. “Forever” sounds like a mix of 70s R&B and New Wave mixed with a bit of INXS with a vocal fluidity that makes the chorus impossible to forget. “Don’t Save Me” is a synth driven song with the catchiest chorus line I’ve heard in a long time, more so than “Call Me Maybe” which is a feat in itself. Their latest single “Falling” is a quieter song bordering more on old R&B than anything else, and its addictive chorus builds to an explosive bridge and classic sounding guitar solo, and has also earned them Michael Jackson comparisons. One song they also play is “The Wire” a folky with a great bassline that explodes into another old school solo.

For anyone interested check out their episode of Sound and Music on Youtube.


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