Band of the Week: Tame Impala



Some bands’ music is the result of a group collaboration and some is the result of one member’s genius. Tame Impala is an Aussie psychedelic-rock group headed by the creative mind of Kevin Parker. Their music is a throwback to old psych rock mixed with modern effects techniques and producing, making music that sounds both familiar and new. Kevin’s vocals sound like John Lennon and the music is a mix of Cream, Steppenwolf, The Beatles, Zepplin and others, the drums even sound like old school recordings.

Their debut album Innerspeaker is a compilation of 60s throwback, experimental sounds and powerful riff-driven pscyh-rock, that Parker did the majority of the instrumentation on and even produced himself. “Desire Be, Desire Go” is a fuzzy song that slips into trippy choruses and solos. “Lucidity” sounds like a Steppenwolf song with riffs and solos that explode with roaring guitars. “Solitude is Bliss” is a wah-driven song with offbeat vocals and verses that pulls you into each enveloping chorus with Bonham-like drums. “Remember Me” is a song where Parker turned a 90s dance song into “Hush” with more soul. But the song that proves Tame Impala’s abilities is “Half Full Glass of Wine” (below) a song that sounds like Cream, and The Beatles wrote a riff driven song and let John Bonham drum solo over it.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about their most recent album Lonerism:


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