Band of the Week: Kate Nash



A lot of artists stick to clean and safe lyrics instead of allowing their music to be more personable and real, Kate Nash doesn’t follow that crowd. She takes her cockney accent and talks about lost love and depression like an actual human being would, not in a way that people want to hear it, and it makes her music feel more real. Kate plays guitar, bass and seems to have been trained proficiently in piano.

My favourite album by her would have to be 2010’s My Best Friend Is You. After her more piano heavy debut album Kate seemed to make the jump to full instrumentation with strings and horns, without losing her edgy and sometimes screaming vocals. “Later On” is a brutally honest song about hiding your emotions that creates a synth-filled soundscape that uses Kate’s vocals to guide you. “You Were So Far Away” sounds like someone took the sad soul of old country recordings and put it on top of “Summer Day” by Coconut Records. “Do-Wah-Doo” and “Kiss That Grrrl” are those type of songs that manage to take a old-school pop song sound and through hateful and angry lyrics on top of them to make a song that is both and angry and incredibly catchy, in “Do-Wah-Doo” Kate shows she’s no stranger to a piano and assures you she pulls no punches by ending the song saying “I think she’s a bitch”. “Take Me To a Higher Plane” is one of my favourite songs on the album, jumping between the highland like fiddles of her explosive and shrieky choruses and slow chord driven verses so it doesn’t jade you. But my favourite song on the album is “The Mansion Song”, starting off with a vicious poetry reading about getting over yourself, the song quickly jumps into a tribal drum driven song that’s only melody is the chanting Nash’s vocals bring before building to her shrieking chorus of “I AM THE MANSION, I AM THE MANSION” before hitting the visceral shriek that brings you back to the drums. This songs brutality gets me every time I listen to it.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about her current LP Girl Talk and one of her charitable efforts.

(P.S. To anyone who actually enjoy reading these, I got caught between work and Bluesfest last week and didn’t write anything, but I will try and make a review of the shows I saw there soon)

I will also try and write up a Man of Steel review soon for those interested.

For a casual listen:

For people interested in “The Mansion Song” just since I thought I should include something a little more accessible:


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