Kate Nash Pt. 2


In March, Kate Nash released her most recent album Girl Talk. It was also around the time she started this album that she started her after school music club for girls, because she was shocked by lack of female artists in the UK. Nash ended up releasing the album on her own label after Fiction Records tried to remove the “punk elements” from some songs.

There are a few average songs on the album but here are some worth hearing. “Sister” is a raw, distorted, bass driven song with Nash changing between her regular singing voice and a throaty shriek. “OMYGOD!” is a throwback to old surf-rock songs with a motowny chorus, that deals with the depression of lost love. “3AM” goes from its fast and simple verse into a dreamy, reverb filled chorus. “Rap for Rejection” is a lofi vocals song where Nash pulls no punches talking about the shit people deal with in relationships. “You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky” is a sweet little acoustic song that sounds like it could be off the Juno soundtrack, that somehow just has a realness to it’s lyrics.

Here’s Sister with video of Kate working with the girls club,

Here’s 3AM for the less gainy inclined


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