Band of the Week: Be Your Own Pet


Some bands just have a natural ability to just let all emotion out in their recordings, with so much energy it seems almost tangible. Nashville punk/alternative band Be Your Own Pet is one of those bands. I feel like I should mention they broke up in 2008, but before that they released two amazing albums with more power and energy than most bands fit into ten albums, without ever being serious. Between the hard and fast playing of the band members and the ferociousness of singer Jemina Pearl, their songs rip through your ears and get stuck in your head.

Their first album, Be Your Own Pet, is loud and fast and had two really powerful songs. “Adventure” is a silly but catchy song that proves that with enough energy you can make simple lyrics work. “Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle” is a fast and loud stomper that goes from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. Their raw yet cheeky style is clear when Jemina says “Have fun, and be safe with it…. just kidding FUCK SHIT UP” which is easily in my top 10 for best lines in a song.

Their second album, Get Awkward, is where they fine tuned that energy and sarcasm to make a record with a more defined sound. “Heart Throb” and “Black Hole” race through their verses with reckless abandon, to the point where one begins to wonder how Pearl manages to make a audible sentence out of it. But both also bring great choruses that somehow manage to up the energy, especially the “WOOO” in “Heart Throb”‘s choruses.

“Becky” offers an angry version of what would be a surf-rock pop song without their distortion and lyrics. “The Kelly Affair” takes the punky-alternative sounds of Sum-41 and The Offspring and mashes them together to make a punky rock song that people can actually dance to, without holding back on the lyrical content. “Bummer Time” and “Food Fight” attempt to find the line where fast, angry shredders start to fall apart, but despite their chaotic sound, somehow never fall out of time. Their casual style of song writing is still obvious through the yell of “FOOOOOD FIIIIGHHT” and Jemina’s scolding of her band mates at the end of the song for messing up the ending. “Bitches Leave” is a clever mix of a song with a message to snooty girls and a well placed Robocop reference. Other songs on the album like “Creepy Crawl” and “The Beast Within” tread similar ground but are still worth a listen if you enjoy the band’s sound.

Here’s “Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle”:


And off their second album, “The Kelly Affair”:

I should also mention as I never finished my profile on Regina Spektor as I’d hoped, I’ll quickly name off her other 3 best albums as well as some songs to check out on each.

Soviet Kitsch:

-Us (probably favourite song of her’s)

-Sailor Song

-Your Honour

Begin to Hope:

-Hotel Song


-On the Radio

-That Time

-Après Moi


-The Calculation

-Dance Anthem of the 80s


-Folding Chair

Trying to get back into the rhythm of these. Will hopefully post song of the week’s as well.


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