Quick Hit: The’s



As promised, today I’m taking about Japanese all-girl surf/rock band The’s. Despite their clean-cut appearance there is a clear dirt to their sound the second their guitars come on and they start singing it’s clear. You probably would either know them from their brief appearance in Kill Bill Pt. 1 or for their very overused song “Woo Hoo” from a bunch of different commercials, most notably the Vonage ones.

“Woo Hoo” is basically “Wipeout” by the Surfaris but less background-music like and more catchy than annoying.

But outside of that their singing gets a lot grittier.

Also from Kill Bill is their harder song, “I’m Blue” which takes the same surfy feel and runs as many riffs and fills as it can into it, while jumping between the somewhat mumbly english verses and shouting vocal fills. Finishing out this quick profile is the gritty and fast “Bomb The Twist” a song that takes no qualms with being a little sloppy, taking it’s high octane energy and feeding it all through the shrieking almost screaming vocals, also probably some of the dirtiest vocal singing I’ve heard from a female on any recording outside of screamo, but somehow it boosts the energy.


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