Band Of The Week: Best Coast Pt. 2



Just a quick follow up on Best Coast’s most recent work, but first a quick look at their first release.

(this video had the best audio)

Their first single was the reverb/gain rain pour that is “Sun Was High (So Was I)” a song that’s mesmerizing in it wall of sound.

Their second LP yielded a higher fidelity sound, and while a lot of their appeal was lost, they did make a few really great songs. “Do You Love Me Like You Used To” is a sweet song with a catchy chorus, although admittedly it would benefit from more reverb. If ever California had an anthem, “The Only Place” would be that song, the song is really a love song to the beauty of the state and it’s spirit and is catchy as hell.

“This Lonely Morning” is from the band’s latest release and mixes the high fidelity of their second album with the reverb and distortion of their first album.


Tomorrow I’ll talk about similar surf-rock outfit Jenny and Johnny.


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