Song Of The Week: Fleetwood Mac and Paloma Faith

So there have been two songs stuck in my head this week, here they are:

The A-Side: Rhiannon By Fleetwood Mac

Last week I watched American Horror Story: Coven and the whole season had a distinct Fleetwood Mac influence for one of it’s characters and after rehearing this song I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Stevie Nicks has never sounded more sweet yet also never as brooding.

The B-Side: Can’t Rely On You by Paloma Faith (Pharrell)

I stumbled across this song, that has a more serious (lyrically) “Blurred Lines”feel to it, in a weird way. So as some people may have noticed, the main little riff in the song sound A LOT like the main riff Franz Ferdinand’s hit, “Take Me Out” and the story broke that Franz member Alex Kapranos tweeted at writer and producer Pharrell saying more or less, “it’s cool to sample us, just ask please.” Naturally I immediately listened to it. But even if it is sampled, Faith’s unique vocals and Pharrell’s beats make it a great song. The song really grips me every time I hear Faith’s wail in the last chorus.

It’s also worth noting that even after all the Marvin Gaye stealing allegations on “Blurred Lines” there is a significant amount of similarities to “Got To Give It Up” here as well, from the crowd vocals, cowbell and some of the beat.

Tomorrow I’ll continue my feature on beach music.


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