Women Of Rock: Savages


All-girl British punk band Savages already have a lot going for them on that string of adjectives in itself, but what really puts them over the top is that they can really play as hard as any male punk band, if not harder. Singer Jehnny Beth is intense vocally and looks almost entranced live.

As far as songs go, their new LP Silence Yourself, came with 4 songs I couldn’t stop listening to. “Shut Up” rips into a driving song that only stop to explode on crash cymbals. “City’s Full” jumps sonically between near nothingness and fuzzy, shrieking walls of sound. “She Will” leads in on its epic sounding riff and its chorus has an almost psychotic chant to it, the final chorus devolves into a shred-out between all the band members and the drum go ballistic. Lastly “Husbands” plays with verses that slowly fade between 1 and 10 every 20 seconds and goes into the crazy chanting style of “She Will”, the ending chant seems to take every bit of energy Beth has, and the drum work makes the song.

I decided to show the rest of the tracks with this amazing live version as I actually prefer it to the recordings and it really showcases how amazing and heavy these women play.


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