Women Of Rock: The Balconies


If you want to find one of the hardest rocking female frontwomen guitar players, look no further than the Balconies Jacquie Neville. This Ottawa band has risen past the seemingly impassable wall to success that most local bands here can’t surpass, and they’ve done so with their unbelievably talented and lively lead guitarist.

Between their Kill Count EP and their debut LP Fast Motions the band has already gotten a lot of radio play. Their leading single “Kill Count” roars with energy, an exotic solo and just an overall cool yet vicious sounding song. “Battle Royal” jumps on the bouncy groove style of “Kill Count” and takes it in a different direction with more bass. Lastly “300 Pages” starts off on a weirder and less catchy sound that evolves into an amazingly epic and powerful pre/chorus that is narrowly beats “Kill Count” as my favourite of the EP.

Their new album came with an improved version of their song “The Slo” now crisper and heavier than ever, and an ending that sounds as intense as some Muse songs.

I interviewed Jacquie about their new album recently, you can read that here.


I also reviewed their show in Ottawa a few weeks ago you can find that here


More soon.


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