Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones


The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s followed up their debut with an album more fleshed out than their first and just as vicious when it wanted to be, Show Your Bones. The album has a surprising amount of acoustic guitar but it just serves to amp up the contrast between the soft then heavy style the band owns.

The album opens with acoustic guitar on “Gold Lion” which quickly gets doubled with distorted guitar and then explodes into a flurry of guitar, keyboard and Karen’s amazing vocals. “Way Out” starts out just as soft but has a much more cheeky looseness with its rhythms, and its shredding and chorus make it even more worthwhile. “Fancy” is an epic song surrounded in its tom-heavy drums, and feels like its about to burst at the seams until it finally does in its last minute.

The chevy-used “Phenomena,” skips the acoustic foreplay and jumps right into its biting sound, its chorus is so naturally addictive you’ll be singing along on your first listen, and its explosion and ooo’s just make it all the more epic. “Honeybear” keeps the roaring going and Karen’s screaming of “Honey” and the ugly shredding that follows it make the song a vicious thumper. “Cheated Hearts” is the band’s surprisingly amazing pop-like song, chugging along until Karen starts chanting “I think I’m bigger than the sound” and it explodes into distorted chaos of syncopated parts, that despite its calmer parts is the band showing its bones.

“Dudley” is a more reverb heavy song, and while not having all the bite of their usual song it has a strange calming effect to it that makes it really enjoyable. “Mysteries” jumps right into the sound of their first album, distorted guitars throughout and weird drum parts, but when Karen gets to saying “It’s anyone’s guess” it builds until she starts screaming and growling “STRESSSS” the song just devolves into a beautifully ugly mess of energy. “The Sweets” takes things slower keeping acoustic for most of its length and builds to distortion only to add to its mounting energy.

“Warrior” is one of the softer hits of this album, showing the band’s ability to craft strange, lighter songs but when it hits its energetic point it does so with intensity and it feels like it needed to come out. The album ends on the final sounding “Turn Into” a really bright song for the band that closes out the album on a good and surprising note for a band so adept at a vicious tone, only allowing themselves one more moment of intensity to allow themselves to burn out.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about their third and more dance filled album It’s Blitz.


Bonus Fact: The Okmoniks actually opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs back in the day, thanks to Scott Bromley for the tip, he got Sam from the band to check out my blog, everyone should check out his podcast The Comedy Button, it’s my favourite podcast!!


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