Yeah Yeah Yeahs: IS IS and EP



Closing out my Yeah Yeah Yeahs week with two quick EP rundowns worth listening to.

The first is their amazing gritty EP released right before It’s Blitz, the EP to renew my faith in EPs IS IS. Sonically dirty and reverb heavy, and technically intense the EP is what the band does right in five songs. The attacking “Rockers To Swallow” starts on a both intense and very strange drum line before dropping its heavy, I mean it feels overbearing, chorus and Karen’s throaty vocals put it over the top. “Down Boy” starts casually with a nice light keyboard line and the second it hits its chorus its like it rips off a nice mask for an animal, the “RROOAAAA” and guitar drop of this song are a steady since of enjoyment for me that hasn’t gotten stale yet. “Kiss Kiss” is like a generic rock song on crack, taking the grinding through chords thing and playing at an unnerving tempo before its even more unnerving lick and then the letting loose from there on out.

“Isis” is a dark and gritty song that gets more intense as it goes and is carried by some of Karen’s most growling vocals. “10 X 10” is the bands stepping stone into the weird sounds on It’s Blitz but it keeps all the grit there while adding some weird sounds to the guitars that enhance it.

Last is a song of the band’s early self-titled EP called “Bang” and let’s just say it isn’t trying to be subtle at all. It’s a cool look at a band before they really hit their stride but it has all the tenacity and technique of their later work and its awesome live.


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