Quick Hit: Phantogram


Before I start my band of the week I thought I’d do a quick mention of a band that piqued my curiosity in trip-hop, and that band is Phantogram. Thanks to Jake Pitre for introducing me to them.

A band that seems to have mastered smooth beat switching, making songs like “Fall In Love” sound more vicious than most would think before the switch, and mixed with the even trippier chorus, it really is an interestingly disorienting experience. Their use of vintage sounding samples around several of their songs gives one the sense that they are really aware of music history too, making the music seem like more of a labour of love than cheap.

“Howling At The Moon” has a tribal feeling to it and its drum sounds are perfection, my ears crave that clang of them every time I put it on, and it shows of the old sampling again. Their new album Voices also has some of the best artwork I’ve seen all year. “Don’t Move,” from their earlier release, has more of a pop sound to it than the bite of their newer songs, but the synth sound and sample cutting elevates it to a spectacular feel.


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