Artist Of The Week: Hannah Georgas Pt. 2


Continuing on yesterday’s post, I’m following up by talking about Georgas’ earlier work, including her debut album This Is Good. 

Her debut LP has such a range of songs I decided to pick my favourites to showcase her talent. “Dancefloor” is an aggressive rock song that seems too suited for its titular location, and the energy in Georgas’ singing and the music makes the whole thing electric. “Thick Skin” quickly jumps from a simple acoustic song to a layered epic, complete with violins and deep piano parts.

“This Is Good” jumps from a reserved slow-jam to a strong and assured song, made ambient by a heavy use of reverb. “Something For You” is put simply a classically styled jazz-pop song, that yearns for the old days when such ballads were common place and it sounds just as it would. Lastly is “The Beat Stuff” from her pre-LP work, another song that starts of simply but once the drums kick in it starts building to a multi-layered driving beauty.


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