Quick Hit: Eagles Of Death Metal


Not all music needs to be taken seriously or hold it self back for the sake of appeal. It’s why B-movies are such a thrill to watch. Today I’ll be talking about the B-movie of bands, even down to their name, with QOTSA’s Josh Homme on drums, The Eagles Of Death Metal.

The band takes the old feeling of “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll” and holds nothing back in making those themes clear. Even their catchy and least distorted “Wanna Be In LA” plays on the old legend of selling your soul to play rock and roll. “Speaking In Tongues” comes right out the gate on some of the grittiest distortion I’ve heard and sounds both silly and explicit at the same time, making a song that’s as dirty as it is addictive, especially its amazing distorted bass-line.

“I Want You So Hard” shreds through it’s verses and throws subtlety and even grammar to the wind for a straight forward classic rock song, with special cameos from David Grohl and Jack Black. “I Got A Feeling” as creepy as it can be, is as classic rock sound as you can get and its falsetto singing makes it just as corny as it is catchy.

Band of the week coming soon.


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