A-Side, B-Side: Karen Elson


While I’m on a Third Man Records band I figured I’d quickly mention Karen Elson. Elson is a model who was also briefly married to Jack White, during that time, he helped her record an album she’d been wanting to make and actually wrote in secret from him, and the results are surprising.

A-Side: The Ghost Who Walks

“The Ghost Who Walks” calms off initially as a somewhat dark interpretation of a country song until it reaches its bridge and then falls into one of the most haunting and perfectly toned keyboard solos. Fun fact: Olivia from the Black Belles plays bass in her backing band.

B-Side: The Truth Is In The Dirt

“The Truth Is In The Dirt” takes another very country sound and adds some grit to it, as well as some dark tone and generally nontraditional chord progressions for a country song. The most surprising part of the song are the pounding notes near the end, which may catch you off guard if you’d thought there was only grit in the chorus.

More Dead Weather soon.


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