Dead Weather: Bonus Tracks


A few tracks came before and around the albums so I decided to share them too. News is that the band is looking to release it’s third album in 2015 around the time Them Crooked Vultures, my other favourite supergroup, is. It’s no surprise seeing as they’re both connected by Queens Of The Stone Age, once they finish touring I would assume both bands will be in studios getting new albums ready as fast as possible.

I start with my favourite off-album Dead Weather song, “A Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning To Death,” proof covers work. There’s a ghastly sound to White and Mosshart’s “They like to watch fire,” and its burnout bridge is tension building perfection.

Next is the song that started the band’s jam session, a cover of Gary Numan’s “Are Friends Electric” showing off the grit, interesting drumming and vocals to come.

Lastly is their cover of Pentagram’s “Forever My Queen” that sounds like it was the inspiration for “Treat Me Like Your Mother”. Fertita shows off his impeccable skill on the guitar, hidden in his Qotsa work. Although the song only exists in live forms, even on Itunes, I don’t think it would sound better otherwise.


Big post coming soon.


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