Quick Hit: Melody’s Echo Chamber


Tame Impala certainly has a lot of psychedelic spin-off groups attached to it. When Melody Prochet wanted to create her solo album she turned to partner, Kevin Parker (Tame Impala one -man band) to produce, and the results were a psychedelic dream.

The album has a lo-fi sound that actually helps the whole recording, giving it a different texture that it needs. Although the lyrics can sometimes be a little bland or throwaway, Prochet’s dreamy vocals overshadow that monumentally and her clear French-accent makes it all the more unique.  Prochet apparently chose the name after experimenting with a Roland Space Echo pedal for her vocals and finding it made her practice space sound like an echo chamber. Her self-titled debut starts on the dreamy “I Follow You” that lets Prochet’s vocals drive the song and when it hits its chorus it lifts you while listening. “Crystallized” turns up the reverb for a faster paced jam with a catchy vocal line and cool sound. “You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me” cranks up all the synth-washes and creates a very heady song that sounds old and new at the same time.

Next is the stand-out “Some Time Alone, Alone” that creates a fuzz-guitar haze and uses Prochet’s dreamy vocals to guide you through it, the catchy guitar hook and uplifting chorus make it all the more magical. Things get slower on the French “Bisou Magique” which has an eerie wonder to it. Prochet’s native tongue comes through even more dream-like than her English and makes you crave more of these French cuts. The brightly toned “Endless Shore” changes gears naturally and keeps you floating between sustained synth-lines and some cool delayed guitar lines.

“Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?” has a cool opening that takes a voice sample and syncopates it to make a rhythm line, the French vocals return, better than before, and there’s an immense feeling of comfort and resolution when the song finally drops a bass note. “Mount Hopeless” has you almost drowning in its synth line, when it shifts to its chorus there’s a wonderful mysteriousness to it, and the keyboard lick it drops feels perfect. “Snowcapped Andes Crash” has an experimental-Beatles vibe to it and the whole song plays off of floating parts. The album closes on the strange “Be Proud Of Your Kids” which if you can get past the kid parts, is a trippy song, that really goes full-steam on a lot of the retro-psychedelic sounds used sparingly throughout the rest of the album.

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