Quick Hit: Temples


The psych-rock revival continues with British band Temples and their Marc Bolan-esque singer James Bagshaw.

The band’s recent debut Sun Structures plays like a greatest hits of psych-rock but it’s all them. The album opens on the Donovan-esque “Shelter Song” that’s an exoticly textured song with some beautiful harp parts. The drum-heavy “Sun Structures” mixes some reverb heavy drums, great distorted  and phrygian guitar riffs and an amazingly blended bass to craft a song that hits its sound perfectly. “The Golden Throne” goes from a bright opening to one of the album’s darkest tracks, that has an eerie feel that’s impossible to resist.

The band get’s as close to Bolan as they will on the album with “Keep It In The Dark” while mixing in more psychedelia and creating a catchy-vocal line just using “Aaahh”s. The song’s simple single chord run drives it and the old school riffs add an amazing flavour, especially the ending riffs that  feel like a proper nod to their T.Rex forefathers. “Mesmerise” starts off on an intoxicating riff that pulls you in and plays with some on-beat/off-beat verses to keep the quieter sections interesting. Possibly the most textured song on the album, “Move With The Season” pulls out some strange chord progressions, surrounding strings and reverb/delay effects that create a wash of sound that’s almost drowning at times. “Colours To Life” sets the band’s tone perfectly mixing in every aspect of their sound, from great sounding drums, and reverb drench to the amazing synth sounds.

“A Question Isn’t Answered” while repetitive, takes its melody and adds so many different tones to it, as well as some amazing bridgelines to make the song mantra-esque. “The Guesser” opens on a drum-line reminiscent of the Guess Who’s “No Time” (the title seems appropriate considering this fact) and plays just as cool as many of the band’s songs, seeming like an effect-laden version of an old school dance-rock song from the 60s. “Sand Dance” closes the album on an appropriately  Egyptian sounding song that is the most exotic of the record.


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