Live On The Air & What’s Going On

From starting this blog a year ago, I didn’t expect to already be podcasting it, let alone co-hosting a weekly radio show on CKCU. Thanks to the people who have supported this, Michael Hanifi and Erik Stolpmann for joining me to get this on-air, basically within a week of asking, Dave Aardvark and all the people at CKCU who’ve helped me along and made this possible, all the friends who’ve supported my endeavors and a special shout out to Rachel Gilmore who stuck up for me when people were heckling my blog. Thanks to all of you for making it happen and keeping me going.


First off here’s the show link


I know I’ve put out less posts recently but between work, the podcast and now this I’ve been busy. I’m eagerly trying to fit it all, so hopefully in a while I can manage daily posts, weekly podcasts and radio shows. I should have a new podcast up in a day or so on soundcloud and a new blog post by the weekend.

I’ve also added all my podcasts here since soundcloud only allows 2 hours of content, but allows higher quality and downloads.

Tune in next monday for more of Theme Songs.


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