Bluesfest Roadmap: Day 1

henry strauss


Bluesfest is starting so I’m making a roadmap of my recommended shows. This is based of my tastes and knowledge of who’s playing and isn’t for everyone, however I will mention several artists I have heard of or at least know are worth seeing for other people.

Honourable Mention: Danny Brown @ 6 PM Claridge Stage

I’m not super knowledgeable when it comes to rap or hip hop but I’ve heard good things about Danny Brown and if more of his stuff sounds like “Grown Up” his show should be killer.

Amos The Transparent @ 7 PM Black Sheep Stage

Ottawa natives Amos The Transparent have made a name for themselves with “Says The Spark” and have a great set of songs to them, if you like good indie music go check them out. They play the festival just about every other year so you may have already seen them and not even know it.

Tegan and Sara @ 8 PM Claridge Stage

Another year-after-year artist is the ever-changing Tegan And Sara. This does come as a bit of a wild card though so I will note DISCLAIMER I have no idea how heavily they’re playing their new material. As their current album is more dance-pop and much of their older material goes from light-indie to somewhere between Mother Mother and some heavier indie. I’m not sure how much of their old material they will play so it could mostly the above^^^ or a mix with this:

and this


Gary Clark Jr. @ 9 PM River Stage

Fans of the Black Keys should definitely check out Gary Clark Jr. I’ve heard nothing but praise on his guitar playing and he definitely delivered when I looked him up. His blues rock is like if the Black Keys pre-Brother never ended. Pure grit blues-rock and the guitar tone sounds smooth.


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