Bluesfest Roadmap: Day 2

Journey Scarab


Today is a pretty barren day at the festival outside of Journey (and they’re more of a two-hit wonder) but if you want to narrow the pickings down, here’s what I’d do. I’m on my first listen for a few of these groups so bare with me.


6 PM: Cold Capital @ Black Sheep Stage Vs. Silkken Laumann @ River Stage

Silkken Laumann has a sound that’s somewhere between synth-pop, 80’s revival and ambient house, but if you enjoy how 80’s this track is then they are probably your best bet

Cold Capital is blues-rock plain and simple, they may not be close to the prowess of Gary Clark Jr. but they do have many more riff driven rock songs, something I felt that Clark was missing.

7:30 PM: Beth Hart @ Barney Danson Theatre

I was surprised last night, I got to the festival late because of work and decided to cut my loses and just get a good spot for Gary Clark Jr. boy was I in for a surprise. Although I felt some of her band’s music felt generic in terms of blues, Hart’s voice steals the show. I heard enough shriek wails (sounded like Steve Tyler at times) that went right into high vibratos that I was converted. Then again, any band that has Obama and Zeppelin nodding is good enough for me.

8 PM: Journey @ Bell Stage

I feel like despite being the headliners this comes with a large DISCLAIMER the original singer seen above ^^^ doesn’t sing with the band anymore. Their current singer is Arnel Pineda, who was in a band playing Journey covers and got picked up by the band after Steve Perry left. While he is a great singer, I always felt Journey’s key factor was Perry’s voice and it just sounds like good covers with Pineda, as well as where his voice cuts off. I’m not sure how many Glee fans are going just for this one song but beware of the cringey off-keys at the back. So what you’ll be hearing is strangely enunciated versions of classics like this, not bad but not the same

10 PM: Zedd @ Bell Stage

Everyone probably knows a Zedd song without knowing who he is. He makes some pretty stellar sounding dance-electronica. If that kind of music is what you’re into go see him you’ll probably know more words than Journey.


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