Bluesfest Roadmap: Day 3


The 3rd day of Bluesfest is still a little sparing, and while the end of the night presents some great acts (you’ll have to pick), the start of the day leaves a little to be desired.


1:30 PM: Old Stereo @ River Stage

If you’re at the festival as early as 1:30 and are looking for a mix of old r+b and some rock/pop check out Old Stereo.


5 PM: The Claudettes @ Black Sheep Stage

I’m not sure exactly how to describe The Claudettes sound, but a piano-drum duo whose songs range anywhere from jazz to blues-skiffle and hold your attention without any vocals is as close as I’ll get.


6 PM: Deer Tick @ River Stage

I’m going to be pretty plain here, if you like Tom Petty see this band.

7:30 PM: Twin Forks @ River Stage

If you’re into folk-pop like Mumford and Sons but can’t stand the vocals and similarity in songs than check out Twin Forks.

9 PM: Lady Gaga @ Bell Stage

UH RED WINE The reason to go tonight comes in the form of Lady Gaga. I’m not sure how extensive the set up for her stage show will be (her monster ball tour had rotating set pieces several stories high), but even just performing at a festival this will be one of the highlights of the whole festival. Her shows are the dance version of a KISS concert. If you have a pass tonight go, my tastes were as classic rock as they get when I went to see her years ago and I was blown away.


Honourable Mention: Andrew Bird 9PM @ River Stage

While Andrew Bird is a great and interesting artist (he’s played with St Vincent)  that I would love to check out, there is no way he can compete with the theatrics of Gaga. The energy levels are just to different, if they actually planned the schedule better there wouldn’t be a problem but here we are.


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