Bluesfest Roadmap: Day 4


After two nights of some amazing dance music it’s time to shift gears for a few days, and get to some of the more packed days of the festival.

3 PM: Lucius @ River Stage      AND     9:30 PM @ Barney Danson (longer set)

Lucius has some great music from their new album Wildewoman  and they pull of some sublime harmonies, definitely worth seeing.

5 PM: Caitlin Rose @ Black Sheep Stage

Caitlin rose is one of those artists that remind me I love country, but only because they hit it at it’s roots of sad but sweet music that just turned into bland pop in the past few decades.

6 PM: Drive By Truckers @ Claridge Stage

On that note, the Drive By Truckers also provide countries rock side from the 60s and 70s. The band’s been around for a while so definitely check them out.

7:30: Mac DeMarco @ River Stage

Psych slow rock fans will love Mac DeMarco, his humour and great melodies will draw you in.

9 PM: St Vincent @ River Stage

I’ll need the stage placement explained to me. St Vincent is the weird art-rock guitar master from NYC and between some of her amazing music on her own and her weird album with David Byrne of Talking Heads, she’s definitely going to bring the best show of the night.


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