Bluesfest Roadmap: Day 6


Apologies for not having material for yesterday, the densest day of the festival, I just ran out of time and the sheer time required to cover everyone made it even harder, I’ll list the artists from yesterday to look up at the bottom. But now for Wednesday.


6 PM: Tyler The Creator @ Claridge Stage

Tyler The Creator is probably one of the best up and coming rappers right now, and despite all of the controversy that he’s caused himself his lyrics are really interesting.


8 PM: Cypress Hill @ Claridge Stage

One of the few classic 90s rap groups still playing today, if you go to see Tyler, these guys are right up your alley.


9:30 PM: The Killers @ Bell VS. Phantogram @ Black Sheep

It seems ridiculous to me considering the amount of mostly dead days and one-sided days that the organizers managed to cram almost every awesome alternative artist they had for the festival and cram them into tuesday and today and force people to choose, while they new coming heavy amount of country get’s dedicated placement and occasionally all-day stage genre dedication. But here’s what you need to know.

The Killers are probably the go-to pick here purely based on the amount of singles they have behind them. Although personally I think the show might suffer from too much of the so-so new album Battle Born, the singles that they will cram into the last half hour will likely be worth it.

At the same time Phantogram is one of the most sonicly interesting bands to listen to right now, “Fall In Love” is probably going to outdo half the Killers set but outside of that and “Howl At The Moon” I feel like I may feel more at home for the Killers.


Day 5 Recommendations

Yesterday was constant movement for me so I apologize for not being able to mention all the great bands at the festival yesterday. So here’s a quick list, song and back of their work.

Tokyo Police Club: The cool and collected Canadian band have written some amazing songs, although personally I find their stage show to be very dull outside of their singles as most of the members just kind of stand there. That said the singles are top notch.


Brody Dalle: I’ve already done an article on Brody Dalle but basically if you like Queens Of The Stone Age, you will like Brody Dalle, the scheduling along with Jenny Lewis was criminal enough, but the fact that she wasn’t opening for QOTSA was non-nonsensical, especially considering she is touring with them and married to Josh from Queens.

Jenny Lewis: A mix of pop-indie (Rilo Kiley), country and surf-rock all with one amazing voice, only scratches the surface of Lewis’ work, as well as a film career. She will definitely be one to look out for when her new album Voyager drops later this month.


Queens Of The Stone Age: I plan to do a full 4-6 part piece on Qotsa but for now I’ll lay it out plainly, Queen’s are some bad-ass rock. Josh Homme is one of the coolest and funniest men in rock only beat by occasional Qotsa drummer Dave Grohl. This band is attached to so many other cool acts it’s ridiculous. They’ve maintained their quality while evolving their sound, and honestly I think their latest album …Like Clockwork is my favourite.


Jake Bugg: A mix between Dylan and some amazing rock guitar, Bugg is a young star (only 20) on his way to being one of the greatest solo acts of our time.



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