Bluesfest Roadmap: Day 7


Today’s festival is somewhat of a mixed bag, one band most people have only heard stories about, one a new wave legend that isn’t even headlining and the other is an indie favourite. I don’t think I can ever get over how confusing the scheduling is but here goes nothing.

6 PM: Gogol Bordello @ Claridge Stage

Admittedly I know none of Gogol Bordello’s songs, only that he plays very energetic gypsy jazz/rock, which is interesting enough. But the amount of stories I’ve heard about his concerts have me heartbroken that I’m working during his set, his energized shows are more parties than plays through singles, so it’s well worth your time to check them out.


8 PM: Blondie @ Claridge Stage

The new wave queen Blondie hits the festival tonight and her line of work is enough to warrant going. Parallel Lines is one of the greatest albums of the 70s and her unique voice and style is a testament to changing nature of that time. Disclaimer it has been around 30 years since Blondie’s glory days and a recent live video I saw of Blondie wasn’t promising so keep this in mind, possible loss of voice and mediocre new songs may plague the set somewhat.


9:30: Young The Giant @ River Stage

Young The Giant is one of the best indie bands around right now, and the energy in their music translates to an amazing live show.


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