A-Side, B-Side: tUnE-yArDs & Warpaint


A-Side: Water Fountain by tUnE-yArDs

Two truly unique artists today for my A-Side, B-Side post. I figure I’ll alternate between two songs by one artist and a single from two artists. Starting things off is the always strange Tune Yards, who usually make much more perpetually flowing songs that seem more like endless tribal chants than songs. But now they’ve spun their quirky nature into more pop-oriented song writing and the mix of tribal and pop is catchy as all hell. Throw in their general quirkiness and it’s a unique song whose general theme seems to jump around constantly.



B-Side: Disco//Very by Warpaint

While the less catchy of the two “Disco//Very” is probably one of my favourite songs in months. Between the exotic percussion, a “White Rabbit”-esque bass-line and some eerie yet vicious harmonies it comes together as the sound of a looming group of killers who enjoy what they do. The band has this seamless ability to generate these strange grooves and play theme as a single unit all while changing singers for different verses and bringing the energy at unexpected times. This song is one of the more out there ones but its light sounding evil is delicious. Warpaint manages to maintain their strength as one of the best all-female groups with their strong yet weird album.


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