Band Of The Week: Tacocat


Now I know what you’re thinking, how do I take a band that not only named themselves after a meme of a cat taco seriously, let alone that they almost named themselves Chocotacocat. The answer is in their music and as you’ll soon find out, the quirky name matches the quirky music. Believe me I heard of this band by name and 20 minutes later looked up and said “Holy shit, a band called Tacocat actually managed to be awesome.”

The band mixes surf-rock, punk and riot grrrl to make a sound somewhere between Best Coast and Bikini Kill, and they definitely represent Bikini Kill’s feminist rock on more than a few songs.

This year the band released their latest album NVM nodding to both Nevermind and their internet themed shtick, and the album mixed in the more surf-rock sound their first album only had in parts. “Crimson Wave” is probably the catchiest song about having a period ever written and some of the euphemism’s are pretty great (my personal favourite being “there are communists in the summer house”). “Hey Girl” throws more social commentary and riot grrrl anger into the mix, commenting on catcallers and wolfwhistlers.

“Bridge To Hawaii” is a love letter to the beach from rainy, dreary cities like the band’s native Seattle (nothing against Seattle, it does rain a lot though). “You Never Came Back” is a laid back about a love that’s gone away and stayed there, simple but catchy.


Their debut in a few.


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