Tacocat: Shame Spiral


If you wanted more Bikini Kill and Be Your Own Pet out of that last excerpt of Tacocat, then their first album, Shame Spiral, is right up your alley. I’m going to start things off with the bluntest song that really blew me away at how real they were willing to get.

The album is way more punk in town than NVM and while less unique is possibly more powerful and definitely more vicious. Opening on the silly but gritty “Peeps” it’s like a rejected jingle from hell even ending with a kazoo solo that’s so weird it works. “Leotard” hits a Sleater-Kinney note and provides a lot social commentary on dressing for dates.

“Muffin Top” has the primal drum and guitar mix that I love in 90s garage-punk and its chorus line is so simple yet so catchy. The earlier mentioned “UTI” is a vicious and uncensored rant about getting a UTI and being pissed about it and the anger is palpable. This is probably my favourite song off the album from its raw emotion and the second I heard the opening line I was in love with how brutal the band was.

“Death Fridge” get’s close to Black Flag levels of attack with its verse lines, and with a guitar line so lo-fi it feels like you miss half the solo, the aesthetic is perfect. “Pony” sounds like a “Leotard” 2 but with more attack and less talking, just super catchy and accelerating.


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