A-Side, B-Side: Mac Demarco


Thought I’d take a quick moment to talk about the comedy prince of alt-rock, Mr Mac DeMarco. He put on one of my favourite shows of Bluesfest and I’d never listened to him before. Not only does he make some seriously great music to relax to, but he also is one of the funniest men I’ve ever seen on stage and off. My only knock on him is that some of his recordings are damn near criminal considering how good his songs sound live. He’s one of these few artists whose albums’ sound quality are nearly unlistenable yet the songs themselves are good.

A-Side: Viceroy


Viceroy sounds like a really sweet love song until you realize it’s about cigarettes, yet it still sounds amazing. The amazing euphoria in the ending guitar line and howl from DeMarco is contagious.

B-side: Freaking Out The Neighbourhood


Simply just a great dance-rock song in Demarco’s crazy reverb and chorus laden sound that has some of most tasty guitar I’ve heard in a while.


If you’re going to Osheaga, SEE HIM


I thought I’d also quickly demonstrate his brand of humour as MTV has hired him as an on field reporter and his on stage comedy (he ripped into every non-rbc bank at bluesfest) is hilarious.


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