Quick Hit: Kavinsky


For those of you that saw the stylistically mind-blowing Drive, this next name should be familiar. Today I’m covering the amazing 80s electronica revival artist Kavinsky, who sounds like if Daft Punk made the soundtrack to Miami Vice. For those that are a bit fuzzy here’s “Nightcall” from Drive.



Kavinsky’s album Outrun is a model for how electronica can keep finding unique sounds. It has a cinematic quality to the whole recording and even outside of the music. The album sets up Kavinsky as a character, who was hit by a car one night and now roams the earth as a self-aware zombie linked to the car and seeking revenge. The videos for the album are almost as stylized as Drive itself. The album actually opens on a thematic track called “Prelude” explaining it.



“Nightcall” is a slowburning arpeggiated song that envelopes you in its 80’s synths and by the end of the song you feel totally drowned in its synth, definitely the single from this album. The other song that presents the most single-quality is “Odd Look” which is a faster and darker wash of arpeggiated synths with the singer SebastiAn handling the appropriately lo-fi vocals, the Weeknd also sings a version on the EP release.



“Blizzard” has a lot more flair and drive to it, kicking the bass drum and its sweetly toned guitar line above the rest for a surprisingly good dance song and when the synths come further forward they just enhance it. “Protovision” cranks up the bass-y synth and lets the treble parts just bounce off a little to keep the the beat moving.



“Testarossa Autodrive” is as electric as the album gets, teaming with life and rush, it’s song that demands speed and great to run to. Lastly is one of my favourites, the dark and funky “Rampage” after its ominous intro it jumps into a Tarintino-esque string and trumpet funk line. One of my favourite parts on the album whenever it gets to those five second stretches.

Also worth mentioning for those that enjoyed this, is another song from the Drive soundtrack, “A Real Hero ft. Electric Youth” by College.



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