A-Side, B-Side: Braids


Now I’m cheating a little on this article because technically the two songs are the same song, but one is a remix. But as the original is an intimate synth glazed indie rock song, it’s a shocking difference that works amazingly. The song is Glass Deers by Canadian band Braids.


A-Side: Glass Deers


If I had one gripe to put on this song it’s how long it builds but at the same time it’s one of those songs that you can get utterly lost in. With synth and an array of effects painting the soundscape here, it’s a delight to listen to and fun for any pedal-head to pick apart. Not only that but the calm to ugly vocals make it all the more interesting and passioned.


B-Side: Glass Deers (Teen Daze Remix)


I didn’t think dance mix the first time I heard “Glass Deers” but it works so beautifully here. It also managed to cut through the build up that I occasionally can’t deal with on the original making it even better. This song is for me a rare case of different styled remix completely blowing the original out of the water.


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