Quick Hit: Imaginary Cities



Keeping things going with another Canadian band, this one with a much bigger sound than one expects from two people.



Their album Temporary Resident, has way more quality songs packed into it than I typically expect from the debut of indie bands who haven’t broken through yet. “Hummingbird” has about six or seven different instruments going on it, all played by Rusty Matyas, all blending together with the great pop-sensability to make it stand out. “Don’t Cry” is a song with a cool, driving verse that switches to a more energetic and passioned chorus that bursts into a nostalgic second chorus. “Purple Heart” is a slow and sad synth driven song that goes for ambiance over energy and fills its space beautifully.



“Ride This Out” is one of the rare acoustic songs that really gets me, its campfire sound and lightly added pianos make it a joy to listen to and its clear rushing speed make the whole acoustic aesthetic more appropriate and seem almost necessary. “Where’d All The Living Go” has an amazingly cinematic quality to its sound and sadness, making me wonder why I haven’t heard it in a film trailer yet.



“Temporary Resident” goes back to the more heavily textured sound that starts the album and is one the most catchy and pop-like songs, with one of the best choruses on the album. The album’s best percussion comes out on “Cherry Blossom Tree” a delightfully light song that closes out the album sweetly.



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