A-Side, B-Side: Foxygen vs. Alvvays



Today I’m hoping to quick off a few weeks of new music for both me and you, the reader, with the best of my new listens, so first the amazing Foxygen.


A-Side: How Can You Really by Foxygen

Foxygen’s debut We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic is more or less a flawless retro-psych-pop album with one slow transitional song being the only non single worthy track on the beast. But the band have already completed their follow-up, Foxygen…And Star Power, a double LP slated to release October 13th, and the first single is just as nostalgic as their previous work. My favourite way to think of it is “Beast Of Burden” meets “Evil Woman,” the bands first album reaked of Rolling Stones influence but now some ELO is showing up too.


B-Side: Next Of Kin by Alvvays



Who knew Canadians had beach-rock in them? Toronto band Alvvays single “Next Of Kin” has all the amazing sound I expect from a surf rock tune and the soft-toned vocals fit the sound perfectly.



More to come soon.


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