Quick Hit: Lucius



I figured I may as well do some quick write ups on artists I may have quickly mentioned in posts like my Bluesfest preview so today I’m talking to the strange indie magic that is Lucius.



Lucius is an indie band fronted by the faux-sisters Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, whose album Wildewoman sounds somewhere between Lily Allen and Tegan and Sara, but probably have more staying power than both, I know I’ve been over the latter for quite some time now. “Tempest” is the lead single, starting on what one would think is a simple acoustic duo song but every chorus explodes into a dreamy ocean of colourfully toned vocals and guitars, with synths to make its bed. The title track “Wildewoman” has an even more folky sound to it but does so without becoming just another generic folk-pop song, every time the band hits their b section it bursts with life and its heyay shout is one sure to drive crowds crazy with excitement at their shows.



Although not as stand out as the two tracks above, both “Turn It Around” and “Hey Doreen” are killer pop songs, although for those who already saturate enough of their playlists with pop it may seem like not enough to warrant the place.




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